What You Don’t Know About Pie Shop

A pie shop is usually a take away (food) outlet dedicated to selling pies, particularly meat pies. Common in parts of the country.There are also “pizza shops” but they are generally different and serve pizza and not meat pies as the name would suggest. In general a pie shop sells a variety of baked sweet treats and also some snacks. Checkout Pie Shop for more info.

If you go to a Pie Shop you can usually get a choice from a huge range of pastry chef talent and produce and they are usually very good at making those special baked treats. The price range may differ slightly from store to store but you have a great selection of both normal and deli pizza or other baked treat from the comfort of your own home or office! For a gift idea for a fellow baker you can either order online from a reputable online pie company or visit your local bakery and buy them some delicious pie and have it delivered to your door. You may find that you have an “in-store pick” choice available or the bakery may offer delivery for a small additional cost.
Some of the best sellers from a Pie Shop are: Pecan Rolls – light and crisp pastry filled with pecan and cream cheese and topped with a walnut crust; Pecan Rolls stuffed with pumpkin and cream cheese and served on warm cinnamon buns; Belgian Blue Truffles, light and fluffy cakes made from chocolate and topped with pumpkin puree and chocolate shavings. Pecan Muffins, the lightest of all Smores and so close to an actual muffin. Smores (more?) which is a fruit salad, filled with apples, bananas, figs, peaches and pears.


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