Ultimate Guide To Showcase IDX

Many writers, bloggers, and internet marketers have likely told you that you don’t need IDX on your real estate website. IDX is a term that is frequently used. When they hear IDX, they immediately think of your real estate website’s house search. While property search is the most important feature of IDX, many people are unaware of how to get the most out of it and the powerful lead-generation tools it offers. Aside from giving a house search function on your website, I’ll discuss why IDX is a must-have for any real estate website.

Your Company’s “Product”

I always use this comparison when talking to real estate experts. You are a business as a real estate professional. Consider your real estate website to be a “shop.” Your “inventory” is the MLS listings on your website. The listings are all of the things in your “shop” that visitors can look at and buy. What happens if someone comes to your “shop” but you don’t have anything to sell? That person would leave and go somewhere else where there is a product to look at and potentially buy, just like you and me. If you don’t have IDX on your real estate website, you’ll be losing key leads. Unless you rely only on referrals to generate sales, your website (shop) must have IDX (product)

You Have the Ability to Create Listing Pages

IDX allows you access to all of your MLS’s hundreds to thousands of listings. This is your inventory, as I indicated earlier, and it’s the equivalent of having hundreds of things on your website.