Ultimate Guide To Blackberry Mobile

Many Indian mobile phone customers favour Blackberry smart phones. The reason for this could be due to the brand name and fashionable appearance. In India, Blackberry services are being scrutinised. The Blackberry services have been the subject of heated controversy for more than a year. It is claimed that all contact between users of this handset takes place through a server situated outside of India, which is prohibited.

Remote access, according to the new telecom guidelines, covers the start of an application, data transfer, and termination. All of this must take place within the country, rather than from outside sources. According to the new approach, Blackberry must have a hosting arrangement that allows data and communication to be exchanged and saved on the Indian service provider’s server. Many of you may be wondering how the authorities became aware of it. Tata Telecom Services intended to provide a comparable service, however their request was denied due to security concerns.

The government body claims that they will set up a monitoring system and that services will only be launched after that. They’ve even requested phone companies to temporarily halt services between Blackberry phone users because they can’t follow the email exchange. The government also stated that if the corporation does not listen to them, they will face severe consequences.  Following the government’s decision, BSNL has chosen to postpone its plan to partner with Blackberry Smart phone operators and instead wait till the issue is resolved.