The Best Star Wars Video Games – An Intro

The Star Wars series has given rise to over one hundred video game titles, dating all the way back to the earliest home computers. Many are centered around authentic Star Wars content, while others are based on the non-canonical Star Wars expanded Universe (rebranded in the later years as Star Wars Legends). While most Star Wars video games are either side-scrolling action or first person shooter type games, there are also a few games that can be played as both. In addition, many Star Wars video games now feature the popular features of Jedi Knight and Star Wars Chronicles Omega. Checkout original site for more info.

In my personal opinion, the best Star Wars video games come from Electronic Arts. EA has managed to combine the best elements from each of their Star Wars games to create the ultimate package. The best Star Wars video games all share a common thread: they are highly addictive. After playing the various titles for roughly 20 weeks (give or take), I’ve found that the majority of these games require constant attention in order to keep them entertaining. Not only do the action scenes require my constant attention, but the various upgrades, costumes, and weapons require time spent doing the various tasks in the game as well.

This constant attention really helps me maintain a full playing time without any boredom. What’s even better is that EA has re-released some of their older Star Wars video games in addition to the new ones. So you don’t have to wait for the holiday season to play them. Instead, you can get a few of your favorite Star Wars titles now and play them whenever it fits into your schedule. To see the full release of all the best Star Wars games in history, all you have to do is a quick search on Google.