Speed Clean Truck Wash Details

If you are looking to clean your commercial truck and you have a busy schedule, then speed clean truck wash might be for you. There are many companies out there that offer a full service to wash your truck. These companies can give you a quote on how much it will cost to have your truck washed.Checkout Speed Clean Truck Wash for more info.

“With ELD we can have a quick and efficient wash as a truck washing service is crucial to a business owner/driver as a truck sits idle for long periods of time. We are now a modern state of the art truck washing service with an underbody wash. We use automation to augment our staff not replace them. Each wash will have a hand wash at the end of the line, giving the best finish around.” John Davenport

The company has been servicing Texas since 1977. Now that they have expanded into California and Arizona, they plan on expanding their business in the future. The average truck driver will spend four to five hours on the road in their vehicle and about three to four hours on the lot cleaning their vehicles. Truck wash is very important to keeping that vehicle clean and to having a nice clean truck that will keep that business flowing. Now with this new technology, customers can get their trucks cleaned as opposed to the person coming in to do it the traditional way.