Speed Clean Truck Wash- An intro

Definition of Truck Wash in Commercial Construction. A truck wash is a machine designed to remove all the grit and dirt from a jobsite, off a concrete projects, off a parking lot. In the case of parking lots, it may also include the driveway and/or side roads. There are several applications to the Truck Wash including the Truck Wash basin itself, the spray nozzle used to apply the wash water, and the mechanical equipment used to power the various systems.Learn more by visiting Speed Clean Truck Wash

The basin that is used for the Truck Wash can be a portable or permanent fixture. In the case of a portable basin, it is portable, due to its mobility. In the case of a permanent fixture, this is built into the concrete or pavement that the truck will be working on. For a parking lot, the Truck Wash basin is connected to a truck mounted cleaning machine.

The main components of a Truck Wash are the brushes and the spray nozzles. In order to perform a complete Truck Wash, several different types of truck washing brushes are required. The size of the brushes will depend upon the size and shape of the tires on the tractors. Spray nozzles are usually either rotary or linear types. These nozzle types are typically used for cleaning the inside of the cab of the truck, the exteriors of the engine mounts and the chrome plated bodies of the trucks.