Sewer Line Repair – Some Guidelines to Follow

Sewer line problems, such as clogged drains in the home or sudden stains on and around the foundation, are all signals that sewer line repairs are on the way. These can quickly become an expensive undertaking, and if nothing is done as soon as feasible, the home’s capacity to function may be gravely jeopardised. Reporting indicators of concern to experienced plumbers can prevent a huge home repair disaster in the future, whether the home has an existing septic system or is connected to the municipal sewage system. see this sewer line repair near me

The primary cause of most sewer line repairs is a clog in the pipes themselves. When householders come across a clogged drain, their initial instinct is to throw a bunch of harsh chemicals down it to open it up or remove the clog. While this may be a temporary solution, the chemicals themselves may be inflicting greater harm. The chemicals in drain cleaners can eat away at older pipes made of clay or porous materials, causing the pipes to break down in older homes.

Tree roots are drawn to water sources, and when trees are planted too close to a home’s foundation, they can become entangled in sewer pipes. The roots grow into the pipes and ball up, obstructing them completely. The pipes will have to be removed and replaced in these circumstances. Other times, sewage line difficulties are caused by the ground shifting around the pipes, bending them at an angle that does not assist drainage, causing water to gather within the pipes and perhaps leak out into the foundation.

When a homeowner has a problem with their drains or seepage, the first thing they should do is get a professional to come out and evaluate the pipes for cleaning and repair. A plumber can rapidly identify the source of the problem and take action to resolve it, generally the same day. Sewer pipes commonly have clean out plugs inserted when they are placed in a home, allowing them to be checked for blockages without having to dig up the ground surrounding the house.

Alternatively, if it is decided that pipes must be replaced owing to a malfunctioning septic system, extra digging and reconstruction may be required, which could have been avoided if the septic system had been properly maintained in the past.