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Before you can make a confirmation, you’ll need to coordinate available dates and times with both the ceremony and reception sites. The size of your guest list will influence how you choose a reception location. It’s critical to have a space that’s neither too big nor too little. In a room that is too big, your guests may feel lost. Partition off an area with potted plants, rope, or moveable room dividers to make the room appear smaller. If a room is too small, it can become claustrophobic and inconvenient. When the weather and venue allow, the reception may flow out into a garden or patio to expand the space. Do you want to learn more? Visit Wedding Reception Bayside.


Your reception should last about three hours. The length will be determined by the reception’s style, the venue you select, and the number of guests to be served.

Most hotels and caterers prefer that you choose a time for your reception that is inside a single traditional time frame, as they may be engaged with multiple receptions on any given day (morning, noon, afternoon, or evening). If your reception extends into a second time period, such as from afternoon to evening, you may have trouble reserving a room, or the cost of using the room and services may increase.

Consider every detail before determining whether to use all or some of the services given with a potential reception site (perhaps as part of a “packaged deal”). Room, food, and service packages are available, as well as room, food, service, cake, and decorations packages.

The majority of banquet halls and facilities demand you to use their food and beverage services. Extras like as discounted accommodation rates for out-of-town guests and special wedding night rates for the bride and husband are occasionally included in hotel packages. Ask for a fixed price and obtain it in writing when securing a reception venue months in advance of your wedding.

Make sure any contract you sign includes only the services you want, as well as a cancellation policy that allows you to get the majority of your money back if you cancel (particularly if the location is rebooked by another group). Some sites will allow you to reserve a room for a period of time before signing a contract; however, you will be required to pay a deposit at the time of signing, which is normally 10% of the entire expected cost.

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