Native Sidewalk Repair – Intro

Sidewalk Repair in Blue Springs is a common problem that is being experienced by residents across the nation. A Sidewalk Repair can be defined as the repairing or replacement of a portion of a public path, which includes sidewalks, curbs, roads and even parking lots. Unfortunately, most often the process of getting one’s sidewalk repaired involves paying an expensive contractor, waiting for the project to be finished, and watching the work take twice as long as anticipated. Unfortunately, many cities are currently experiencing a Sidewalk Repair drought, so it’s important to be aware of steps that you can take to increase your city’s sidewalk repair capacity, while simultaneously reducing your city’s budget for repairs. Click this link here now Native Sidewalk Repair

The City of Blue Springs recently drafted a comprehensive Sidewalk Repair and Transition Plan to address neglected infrastructure repairs, ADA compliance, and meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The plan provides that the City of Blue Springs will implement a process whereby the City Engineer will create a “request for quote” with a local sidewalk contractor. Once the contractor receives the quote, the owner will be able to choose if they want to pursue the project. If the owner agrees to participate in the project, then they will be required to:

However, some residents have suggested that if you go this route – i.e. if you allow a licensed sidewalk repair contractor to perform the entire project for you, then you are circumventing the need for an agreement between the owner and the contractor as to the scope of work, the amount of money that will be charged, and other pertinent information. Furthermore, you run the risk of exposing yourself (and/or the City) to a possible violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act if the work is not done in a way that ensures safety and is compliant with applicable codes. For these reasons, the Sidewalk Repair and Transition Plan make perfect sense for Blue Springs residents who are concerned about their sidewalks.