Nail Salons: Good Health and Hygiene Practices Checklist

These days, nail salons seem to be on every corner. Many nail salons these days aren’t particularly clean or sanitary. Also nail salons that appear to be fashionable or glamorous on the outside may not be healthy or clean. Checkout greentoes for more info.
Inflammation and wounds to your nail or nail bed may be caused by a nail tech at a badly operated salon. But did you know that if the instruments aren’t sterilised, they can transmit viral problems ranging from warts to deadly diseases like Hepatitis C?
How can you tell if your nail salon is following safe procedures? Continue reading for advice on how to choose a decent salon.
1. Choose a nail salon where each technician has a current state licence on show. The tech’s home address is normally used, not the salon’s.
2. Before they begin the care, double-check that all instruments have been properly sterilised. For about ten minutes, soak the tools in disinfectant solution. Inquire about their sterilisation methods.
• If at all necessary, bring your own equipment.
• Some salons keep each client’s resources in a separate container that is only used by that client.
3. Before starting any operation, clean not only the instruments, but also the workstation and the nail tech’s hands.
• You might decide to quit the salon right away if they don’t ask you to wash your hands as well.
4. Manicure clients usually soak their hands in fresh, soapy water for about 10 minutes. If they don’t use a disposable plastic cup, inquire or watch how they clean it between customers.
5. The same can be said for a foot spa. Make sure they use a silicone foot spa, since these are less likely to hold hair and germs.
• For this, disposable plastic liners are preferable.
• Make sure they aren’t reusing these liners to save money.
6. Never, ever, ever cut your cuticles with any knife. It’s possible that the cuticles will be pulled out.
7. If you have any reservations about a salon or a nail technician, simply say “no.” You do have choices, such as asking for a different technician (which is awkward), going somewhere else, or even doing your nail care at home with a friend.
Stopping in for a fast mani/pedi at a McNails salon can save you money and time, but it can also cause pain and harm to your nails. You would be healthier if you exercise caution in all matters pertaining to your health.