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Cabinet replacement is one of the most expensive components of kitchen remodelling. While it is not necessarily a part of the job, it is usually one of the first items a homeowner considers while remodelling their kitchen. Buying new cabinets can cost hundreds of dollars, which may or may not be acceptable depending on your design budget. However, if you’re trying to save money and complete your project on a budget, you might want to start by eliminating some of the cabinet department’s high-end buying selections.

You can replace those cabinets while still having enough money left over to complete the rest of your upgrades. Checkout Exeter Kitchen Remodeling for more info. The first step is to obtain precise measurements of your existing cabinets as well as the space available for the new ones. Failure to complete this phase is one of the most typical blunders homeowners make when starting a kitchen remodelling project. Few individuals go shopping without taking at least a cursory measurement, but these measurements must be accurate if you want to come home with something that fits.


Sit down and make a list of the features you want in a new set of cabinets based on your measurements. You can compile this list by looking through catalogues if that helps, but you might be better off starting with your own imagination. Catalos have a way of creeping into your brain and convincing you that you require a slew of things that you could do without. If you’re not sensitive to this type of marketing, a catalogue or a home improvement store can provide you with some inspiration. If you are, though, consider the fundamentals. Consider why this kitchen remodelling project is necessary in the first place. Concentrate your desires on things that will solve existing difficulties rather than new and exciting features that you could have lived without for the rest of your life.

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