Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – An Info

Marijuana Dispensaries are established for the sole purpose of selling and distributing Marijuana concentrates. The main difference between a marijuana dispensary and a cigarette shop is that one sells edibles, whereas the other sells Smoking paraphernalia. In order to qualify as a Dispensary you must have been approved by the state government to sell concentrates; and that approval can only be given after certain standards have been met. As an applicant for Dispensary approval you will need to supply the state with copies of valid identification, a check stub and a list of what products you intend to sell. All checks will be done by the department of revenue. Checkout Dispensary for more info.

A number of businesses are opening up in Washington State each year, many of which are being set-up by former Marijuana advocates who feel that it should now be legal for individuals to legally obtain and sell cannabis. Dispensaries have been cropping up across Washington State, especially cities such as Seattle, who feel that the distribution of marijuana concentrates should be made legal. In Washington State, if a business applies and receives approval from the department of revenue to sell cannabis then they are allowed to do so. These businesses are then inspected by the state to ensure that everything is up to code, and any company that is caught selling marijuana concentrates will be sanctioned and may be required to leave the state.

Some Dispensaries is beginning to grow and distribute their own brands of recreational cannabis in Colorado, as well as edibles and capsules. However, California distributors are not allowed to distribute to any person in the country, they must only sell to people who are over the age of 21, they must also remain within the state. This makes it difficult to market and advertise to the general public across the entire country, which means the small companies that set-up a marijuana dispensary in California have to rely on word of mouth marketing and networking among family and friends.

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