Malta International Airport- Intro

Malta International Airport, which is situated right in the heart of Malta, is the busiest airport in Malta and is also the only international airport in Malta. This airport serves both civilian and military purposes and receives a record number of commercial flights on a daily basis. This airport was previously known as the Malta International Airport but was renamed in 1999 when the new airport was built. This airport is Malta’s main airport and it connects Malta to all major cities and towns in the rest of the world. The airport is Malta’s main departure and arrival point and the majority of domestic flights as well as those from other countries land at this airport. Here is the original site.

As one of Malta’s most important airports, the Malta International Airport has an extensive network of buses and public transport system, making it easier for travelers to reach their destinations. The Malta International Airport offers many different types of accommodation for visitors, including business centers, hotels, holiday apartments and serviced apartments. Most of these accommodations are located close to the arrivals terminal so tourists do not have to travel too far to get some rest and relaxation after a long flight or a long day of travelling. Many hotels offer guests with complete amenities including bedding, towels, internet access, room service and other in-house services such as laundry and restaurant services.

Another option for tourists who want to have a pleasant stay away from the airport includes staying in a hotel that is located at one of the airport terminals. These hotels offer visitors with excellent hotel and guest facilities along with local transportation services and tourist guides to help travelers get around the city. Travelers can also go ahead and book taxis from the hotel to get around the city as long as they are within driving distance.