Handyman Repairs And House Cleaning Can Boost The Quality Of Life For Your Elderly Loved One

House care services are available to seniors who may have health-related issues that make it unsafe for them to return home to their living situation. Often, seniors who reside in assisted living facilities or nursing homes require housekeeping assistance more often than they need to be alone. House cleaning and maintenance can be difficult for senior adults who cannot walk up the steps or do simple tasks around the home. House cleaning companies often provide safety assessments prior to the first visit to make sure that their clients are safe for independent living. Assessments are also conducted during housecleaning services to ensure the clients’ homes are clean and no safety hazards are present.Learn more by visiting TruBlue of Centennial

Another way in which house care services can help seniors is by offering home modifications. Seniors may need to make bathroom and kitchen safety adjustments due to physical limitations. In addition, they may need safety measures for their living spaces after they leave their home to avoid falls or accidental trips. House cleaning companies can recommend home modifications like larger doors, higher thresholds in the house, or modifications to staircases and porches.

Home repair is a lot less expensive than professional cleaning and maintenance, so seniors can enjoy the benefits of house cleaning and handyman repairs without incurring additional costs. If you think your elderly loved one needs some help but doesn’t want to go to a professional cleaning company, contact a non-profit agency that offers affordable home repairs, cleaning and maintenance services to seniors. These organizations have a long standing history of providing safe, quality and affordable home repairs to their clients.