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A facial is basically a group of skin care therapies for the face, which include exfoliation, steaming, extraction, masks, moisturizers, creams, and toners. Usually they are all done at a beauty salon, although are also a normal spa visit. They are commonly used for overall skin health and for certain skin disorders. There is not much scientific research on facials, so it is hard to say if they work or not. But most people who have tried them feel that they do help reduce the signs of aging. Checkout facials Santa Cruz CA for more info.

Some of the most popular facials include facials with essential oils, clay mask, pore cleansing masks, and the first facial. The first facial usually includes facials with clay extracts to slough away dead skin cells and at the same time help keep pores clear. Clay masks are beneficial because they are a natural astringent, which tightens the pores and pulls up oil. The clay masks usually come in the form of a facial mask, which you slather into your skin after your bath or shower, sometimes in the evening. The clay can also be mixed with other ingredients such as honey to give a soothing facial wash.

The second type of facial is called a clay facial, where the therapist will mix a blend of clay, with a few drops of essential oil. This gives a nice relaxing massage, which has a cooling and refreshing effect. After the massage, your skin will be warm and feeling relaxed. These facials can be offered at your normal spa, or you can book them at a local spa, health or wellness store.

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