Eyes of Texas – Rewarding Career

Optometrist is the medical name given to the doctor who is specialized in the study, diagnosis, prevention and correction of vision disorders and their visual characteristics. Eyes of Texas is one of the authority sites on this topic. Optometrists perform preventive eye care by performing comprehensive eye exams on patients. They are also called upon to make decisions for the treatment of certain eye conditions like strabismus and misalignment, to determine the nature and causes of abnormal eye sight and to conduct surgery for the treatment of vision conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract. The scope of work of the optometrist is very broad, and he may perform virtually any eye care related activities. These include examination of the eye and its optical systems; measurement of the visual ability, correction of eye weaknesses and eye diseases and preparation of the surgical procedure.

Optometrists constitute a significant part of the population working in various hospitals, clinics and private practices. They perform different kinds of eye examinations and provide treatment to various kinds of vision conditions. Some optometrists perform general eye exams and diagnose and treat various eye conditions, while some specialize in specific fields such as optometry and ophthalmology, eye surgery, optometry and ophthalmological procedures, cornea and vision science. Some optometrists specialize in treating eye disorders related to strabismus, amblyopia, myopia and presbyopia. Some optometrists perform preventive eye care and diagnose and treat different kinds of vision conditions related to eye. For example, they examine the eyes of newborn babies for eye defects, test and treat babies affected with congenital eye disease, diagnose and treat conjunctivitis, prescribe eyeglasses or contacts for such patients, treat children and adults suffering from astigmatism and farsightedness, treat pregnant women suffering from myopia.

Optometrist provides a rewarding career. It is one of the primary health care providers in the field of vision care where it has expanded its wings beyond the traditional scope. Optometrist can therefore be regarded as vision care specialists who have contributed largely towards the field of vision correction.