Epoxy resin- An Intro

Many companies can make use of industrial floor treatments to make the working environment safer and more hygienic as well as easier to clean in the event of spills and other accidents. These industrial floors can be coated with several different options which in turn offer a better floor that can handle large amounts of traffic over them and last for many more years than an untreated floor.

Epoxy resin is a special combination of chemicals that are mixed together right before application to the surface of the floor. This combination of chemicals in the epoxy solution will be able to coat the applied area and through the process will create a stronger and more durable finish to the floor which will be able to withstand much more than it could before.

It is possible to preserve a floor for a longer period of time by using an epoxy or other type of industrial floor coating to ensure that the life of the floor exceeds the life it would have if the floor was not treated with the coating. This allows floors in businesses, garages and other important locations the ability to keep its finish, shine and other aspects of the floor which add value to the location. Making the floor much stronger is also part of the reason why these treatments are used and it is possible to make the floors more attractive as well.

Advantages of resin floors over other types of treatments are plainly visible in many resin and epoxy treated floors. The durability of the floors is enhanced, and high footfall traffic will not cause damage to the floor. The treated floor becomes more hygienic because it can be easily cleaned and staining becomes less evident because it will not occur on an epoxy resin floor. There is also an increased resistance to corrosion from traffic and even chemical wear because the materials use chemical binding to produce an even stronger substance than the plain floor.

One of the main options that most consumers enjoy about epoxy resins is the ability to take advantage of customization. There are many design options and colours to choose from. Addition of glitter and stones into the mix will also provide several countless options to make the aesthetics of the treatments much more enjoyable once it sets. There are several different customisation and designer opportunities to take advantage of and even a plain option may best suit the location that is being treated.

The process will usually include using an epoxy resin primer to prepare the floor and a solid coating option which could be smoothed with a screed when needed or an option that is self smoothing. Self smoothing options may take longer to cure to allow the coating to settle, leaving a perfectly smooth surface while those with a need for a screed will use a tool to make the surface even and smooth. Using the highest quality options will provide you with the ability get the best industrial floor coating results which could be enjoyed for many years to come.