Dermacare of Hampton Roads – Botox, the Temporary Quick Fix for Wrinkles

Botox is one of the modern types of plastic surgery that is being performed in culture today. Similar to other facial plastic procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, chin surgery, nasal repair, and lip enhancement, plastic botox is fairly recent. By comparison to other treatments, botox is minimally painful and non-operative. Cosmetic botox is a fairly fast procedure without any healing time. More and more people resort to botox, as it has quick effects that last a good period of time. And what is botox and why has it been the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment that plastic surgeons have preformed? Do you want to learn more? Visit Dermacare of Hampton Roads

Botox is a secretion from the OnabotulinumtoxinA species. This has many varieties and a distilled form of botulism called type A is cosmetic botox. Botox was first used to manage extreme underarm trembling, strabism, blepharospasm, upper limb spasticity, and headache prevention. This was reported that botox helps soften fine lines and wrinkles through the application of botox on certain facial disorders. Dr Richard Clark, a cosmetic surgeon, reported the impact of botoxes in 1989. In 2002, botox type A was approved by the FDA to slightly enhance the presence on the face of frown lines and wrinkles. Cosmetic botox has now become a growing commodity not just for the wealthy but also for all.

Anti-aging is an immense business, and botox has become one of the biggest tools for people and women looking to appear younger. Cosmetic botox prevents wrinkles induced by age, heat, anxiety, or aspects of the climate. The facial muscles make uncontrollable movements like stretching and expanding. Such muscle motions produce frown lines, crow toes, creases in the forehead and neckbands. Botox is a neuromuscular agent that prevents the nerve impulses and thereby paralyzes or weakens the muscles causing wrinkles. Cosmetic botox smoothes stress lines on the face, behind the eyes and at the base of the nose easily and efficiently. The wrinkles fade within a couple of days for a more fresh, cleaner looking face.