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A dentist, also called a periodontist, is a qualified medical professional who practices dentistry, specifically the diagnosis, preventative, and treatment of oral diseases and conditions. The dentist is typically responsible for the oral care and maintenance of a patient’s teeth and gums. A periodontist can diagnose and treat gum disease through diagnosis and review of history, examination and assessment of oral conditions, including radiographs, blood tests, x-rays, oral functions test, and consultation with other medical professionals. The dentist’s supportive team helps in providing dental health services to patients. Some of the services provided by a periodontist are managing the hygiene of teeth, maintaining the oral cavity, cleaning and repairing damaged teeth, preparing the dental implants, repairing broken or decayed teeth, remove tooth stains and tartar, and instructing patients on proper dental health care. Checkout Dentist for more info.


Periodontists perform a variety of tasks pertaining to the treatment and diagnosis of periodontal disease. The primary task of a dentist while treating gum disease is to assess the status of the patient’s oral health and advise the patient on proper dental health care. The dentist can perform basic diagnostic exams and obtain information about the severity of the condition. He can also perform specialized procedures for detecting and eliminating oral diseases. In some instances, a periodontist can collaborate with other professionals such as dental hygienists, orthodontists, and other members of his or her clinical team to conduct additional laboratory tests and clinical examinations.

Periodontists perform their tasks alongside other dentists. Dentists and other members of their dental care team work together to develop comprehensive preventative and treatment strategies for various types of oral problems. The role of a periodontist is increasingly recognized as he or she implements strategies that focus on improving the quality of the patient’s health. These include implementation of comprehensive treatment plans for patients, implementation of educational programs aimed at improving dental health, development and maintenance of therapeutic brushing techniques, assessment and management of cross-brace joints in the mouth, management of gum infections, and other work related to oral health care.

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