Chiropractor Lakewood- An intro

Chiropractor doctors are trained in the study and diagnosis of the spine and nervous system, including its connection to the musculoskeletal system, specifically the muscles, ligaments and joints. Chiropractic doctors work to help you improve your quality of life by providing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care. They work closely with the patient to determine the underlying cause and devise a plan of treatment to restore full function. Chiropractic doctors believe that the primary purpose of health care is to manage symptoms and maintain the integrity of the spine and surrounding tissues. They use various techniques to analyze the person’s body using spinal imaging technology and computerized tomography (CT) scans, applying a variety of tests to diagnose problems and recommend therapeutic treatments. Have a look at chiropractor lakewood.

Chiropractor doctors also work with the patient to explore and define their most problematic spinal complaints and work with specific modalities, such as chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, stress testing and therapeutic exercise programs, to help improve function. They can also refer patients to other appropriate medical professionals for additional treatment. Many chiropractors encourage complementary medicine and use it in conjunction with chiropractic treatment to achieve the best overall results.

A chiropractor can treat most acute injuries and illnesses, but may refer patients for specialized procedures, such as a subluxation analysis or neuromusculoskeletal evaluation. Sometimes patients need a second or even a third opinion. After a properly performed adjustment or manipulation, most people report feeling refreshed and back in action in just a few hours. For this reason, chiropractic offices are always busy, with patients sometimes turning up for follow-up visits hours later. Because chiropractic is very individualized, it’s important to note that no two patients will have the same reaction to a specific treatment.

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