An Introduction of Herman Law Firm, P.A.

Tyler Perry was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on October 20, 2010. Did you catch a glimpse of it? He described how his father physically abused him during his childhood, and that by the age of ten, he had been sexually abused by several male and female members of the church and community. I admire his courage in revealing these intensely personal and traumatic encounters with the world. Get the facts about Herman Law Firm, P.A. see this.
Child sexual exploitation is not a sign of the times, nor is it exclusive to a single community or socioeconomic class. Many women have come forward in the last 20 years to share this dark and haunting secret. As a result, countless other women who have had similar or identical experiences have been inspired to begin the healing process, which begins with releasing the feelings of embarrassment, remorse, and defect that come with keeping the “dirty little secret” hidden.
Men have only recently begun to add their voices to this topic, after a number of courageous men have spoken out about their boyhood experiences in the Roman Catholic church. Tyler Perry is the first high-profile and mainstream male celebrity who has openly discussed this (to my knowledge). Later that evening, when I asked a group of parents if they had seen the interview, I was disturbed by their responses.
The majority of them had heard about it but had not yet seen it. Just two sentiments were shared by those who expressed an opinion – Is he gay? and Why is he bringing it up again? (referencing an email, he sent out last year detailing incidents of his abuse). When the subject of male sexual harassment is brought up, this seems to be a common response. (When female victims speak out, the “stop talking about it” reaction is common.) To begin, I’d like to draw your attention to something you might already be aware of: