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The scent of the vehicle and your breath are likely to be checked by the officer as well. Marijuana smoke clings to skin, hair, and upholstery, much like any other smoke. Do you want to learn more? Visit Dispensary Near Me. They will usually search for marijuana evidence such as pipes or cigarette papers.Since marijuana affects short-term memory, users and offenders often become forgetful and unmotivated in school and at work. When marijuana is smoked, it can cause issues similar to those experienced by tobacco users.


 If marijuana users become addicted to the drug, they can develop a chronic cough, lung cancer, and other respiratory problems. Marijuana addiction is no exception to the fact that drug misuse is a major medical issue. Please seek treatment if you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana. You may be able to save their life.Marijuana wreaks havoc on your precious testosterone in almost every way possible.

Cannabis has been shown in study after study to reduce testosterone levels. “A reanalysis of existing evidence established that testosterone levels are depressed both after smoking one marijuana cigarette and after intravenous infusion of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a pharmacologically active component of marijuana,” according to one research team. The same study found that testosterone levels would take at least 24 hours to return to normal after marijuana usage. (NOTE: It’s not just the smoke; an IV is also effective.)

Another research discovered that short-term marijuana use reduced not only testosterone, but also luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone. The arch-villain and stress hormone cortisol were also elevated, adding to the endocrinological suffering. There has also been research in animals and humans that show marijuana inhibits growth hormone response. As a result, it’s no surprise that marijuana usage shrinks the testes in animals. So, if you’re not satisfied with low testosterone, infertility, and high cortisol, you should sit back and enjoy the fact that your boxers are getting a little more air flow.

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