A Listing of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Their research was primarily focused on treating prostate cancer, and the findings clearly demonstrated that this collection of chemicals contained in cannabis could be a viable treatment option. 9 THC does not kill cancer cells in a uniformed and indiscriminate manner. In fact, cell death is very focused and particular, since THC binds to a cell surface receptor and triggers a cell signalling cascade, causing cell death. Scientists were able to use knockout mice and siRNA to learn how the entire process works since these changes are brought about at the cellular level with many molecular players and factors coming into play. Apart from being orderly, and autophagy being one of the most significant steps in this process of programmed cell death, research into cannabinoids’ positive biological effects in coping with symptoms of other chronic maladies and disorders is ongoing. Have a look at Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Me.

Medical marijuana not only slows the spread and growth of cancer, but it also kills it, and it has a long history of usage in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer. Professor Chris Parseval of Bristol is researching the anti-cancer capabilities of cannabis for the treatment of this type of cancer. His research is financed by Cancer Research UK. All of the investigations used purified cannabinoid compounds rather than cannabis, which contains a variety of other compounds.

Autophagy is a cell breakdown process in which cells begin to degrade themselves. MMJ has been shown to slow tumour growth by triggering a cascade of processes within cancer cells that cause them to die in a controlled manner (also referred to as apoptosis). Medical cannabis has a variety of beneficial cannabinoids and other components, and their capacity to cause physiological changes is being studied. According to experts in Spain who published their findings in The British Journal of Cancer, hash oil that is high in these helpful and fascinating cannabinoids like 9 THC and others may hold the key to cancer treatment.