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The paint on the aluminium around the window frames of your boat fades and flakes away as it ages. Having a yacht that looks new and clean is part of the fun of owning one. The faded appearance of the window frames detracts from the overall appearance of the boat. Replacing the window frames is a straightforward task. Here’s how I do it, and the effects should last at least five years.Visit paint supply for more details.

We’ll start with painted aluminium window frames that have faded due to weather or waxing. As time passes, cleaner waxes actually remove the paint. These frames appear to be grey, with some paint still on them. ** Put blue masking tape on both sides of the frames (doubled or tripled for extra safety) to avoid scratching the window or gel coat…make it as broad as you’d like. Go over the framework lightly with a drill and a wire brush attachment (2″ hollow in the middle for easy use). This will remove any rusting and little dimples… you can also go over the painted section to smooth it out and remove any high peaks.

Make care to replace or add to any ripped or missing masking tape. Using a rag, wipe down the framework to remove any dust or dirt. Replace the rag with a rag soaked in acetone and repeat the process. Wipe with a clean rag and, once dry, lightly go over the framing with 220 grit emery papers, checking for any inconsistencies that need to be softly gone over again. Finish up with the wire brush attachment on the drill. Clean with a rag and use the acetone in the same manner as before. The boat framework should be smooth, with some paint still on some parts, and the metal should be bright and clean. The boat’s aluminium framework must be clean!